For those who have never heard of trichotillomania...

For those who have never heard of trichotillomania, one of their first questions might be 'does it hurt when you pull your hair out?'. They might also silently wonder if what you are doing is a form of self-harm, and if the pain is the main reason that you do it.

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Pulling My Hair Feels Good

The main point for me, and for anyone else who pulls out their hair, is that it feels good. Even if there is some pain, the main reason we do it is that it feels good. And because it feels good, this far outweighs the pain we usually feel.

For those who have been pulling their hair out for a long time, they usually have a few areas that they target more often than others. For me, it's my crown and my parting. These areas soon almost become desensitized to any kind of pain. And since I only pull one hair out at a time, it usually doesn't hurt at all. It can hurt, though, when I start pulling hair out from other areas of the body (which I do a lot less often).

The Pain From Not Pulling My Hair

For many people who enjoy pulling their hair out, the pain may be from not pulling it out, rather than from the physical act of pulling it. By this I mean the pain of holding back, and the pain of enduring that tingling feeling that so many of us experience.

For me, it is emotional as well as phyical. At times my head can get quite sore from pulling if I've been doing it a lot in one day. At other times my head will feel exactly the same sore feeling, but I won't have been pulling. This is what leads me towards the thought that this pain may be more psychological than physical.

How does hair pulling feel to you?

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