Combat the autumn blues

The temperature is dropping suddenly and the dark nights are creeping in. You wake in the morning and it's slightly darker than the day before and there is a cold chill in the air. Autumn is here!

Here are my top tips for beating the blues.

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Get seasonal food smart

During the autumn mouths due to the shorter days and lack of glorious sunshine we don't produce as much of the 'happy hormone' Serotonin. This makes us crave foods that boost this such as carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) which can quickly gain you weight. RESIST THE URGE .

Try tucking into some sweet potato or pumpkin (rich in Vit C, fibre and antioxidants) alternatively try apples, pears or figs (apples - antioxidants, pears - soluble fibre, figs - source of calcium and high in fibre). Subbing these into your diet can help beat the blues.

Autumn work out

When the summer ends people tend to stop working out due to darker nights and quiet frankly rubbish weather. DO NOT STOP . Continuing to work out boosts your mood and keeps you fit. Also it will me it's less of a challenge to get that beach body for the summer which seems so far away. 30 mins exercise is enough to improve your mood each day and keep you healthy.

Pump up the iron

Feeling exhausted? Looking like a vampire? Feeling like your concentration has gone? Then pump up the Iron - you could be deficient. 1 in 10 of us suffers with it and you could be that 1. Iron rich foods such as red meat, fish, eggs, bread and pulses are good sources. Increasing your levels will help with sleep and those dark bags under your eyes.

Laugh in the face of autumn

Boosts your endorphin levels naturally. Watch your favorite comedy movie, go to a stand up or my personal fave watch clips of cats on YouTube failing at life.

Turn it up Cupid

We feel sexier inthe summer - studies have shown this. Sun boosts are happy hormones and put you in the mood for love. Autumn crushes this libido. Initiating sex with your partner can kick your libido up a gear and give you the buzz you need. Don't wait until your both wrapped up in bed in the dark. Schedule it in if you have too, just make time for each other and the effects are not only a buzz to beat the blues but you might just have fun!!!

Get the party started

Studies show that a good social network of friends can help beat depression, but at this time of year as the cold nights are drawing in it's much easier to hibernate like a bear with a cuppa in front of the TV. Make it your mission to socialise. At least once a week, it doesn't have to be out at a pub. A good cooked meal at home in front of a good movie for a gossip is the best get together in my mind.

So if you want to beat the blues, trying just one of my tips may just help you beat the blues and mean you have a much better sense of well-being for the rest of the year.

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