Well, great. No pressure or anything....

Well, great. No pressure or anything. What I thought would be a few weeks of rest, have now turned into long nights spent worrying about whether or not I have a pitch the media will love. How does one sell oneself without compromising personalqualities? I am supposed to come up with topics to discuss on talk and radio shows that are original, catchy, appeal to a mass audience, and get ready for it; don't center around the very thing I'm trying to sell; my book.

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That being said, I've spent more than a few listless hours writing and rewriting topics that will spark collective interest inviewers and listeners alike, that I can talk effortlessly about. I nixed superficial topics, like, "how to get a guy to notice you" and "finding the best shade for yourskin tone" right off the bat. Yet, the agency stands firm on selling topics to the media that are light enough totalk about in five minutes, since sometimes that's all it can get for young, newbies that are stepping into the limelight for the first time.

Finally, I have a list that I am proud of, and I believe will appeal to a wide audience. I'm stillgleaning it to perfection, but will post it sometime later this week.

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