Oh, The Places She'll Go!

I have 3 sisters. All 3 incredibly talented and smart. All 3 are younger. All 3 look better then I do. All 3 are my sisters.

But this post is about just one of them. My oldest sister, Rachel, just graduated last week from Whitworth University with double degrees in music and Spanish. Now I could talk for a long time about the absurdity of spending umpteen thousands of dollars to get degrees in music and Spanish, but instead I'd like to focus on what she's done that makes me proud. Not to say I wouldn't be proud of her for just getting two outrageous degrees, that is an accomplishment in itself; but paper documents and achievements listed from an institution are meaningless compared to personal actions.

I had the pleasure of watching her for one day be a resident advisor. It's an abnormal day to be an RA, the last day of the year. It's filled with paperwork for residents moving out, hugs and goodbyes, families imposing on students where they haven't been all year. Nothing feels right in the dorms on the last day. But one by one she filled out their paperwork, checked them out of their rooms, and gave them a goodbye gift and a long hug. For her being an RA is not just a job, it was a chance to create relationships on a deep, personal level that can only exist between two people who live together. And these relationships we're built with not just a few students, but everyone on the floor. She saw the opportunity to impact their lives and took it.

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And dorm life is only a part of the college experience. Much of a students life is spent being a student. Sitting in class, visiting with professors, doing mundane things like homework. And college is hard, it requires a great amount of focus and drive to just get through those 4 years. But to get through those 4 years and graduate suma cum laude (3.90 and above) is absurd at any level. I made honor roll 2 semesters. She made honor roll every semester. I got a few As and Bs and a lot of Cs. She got all As and one B. One B. The amount of work that requires (even for stupid majors) is on a totally different level. As a music major she had to perform and not just perform by herself but perform with other people. Her senior recital contained a piano duet with another music major that was flawless. That requires an immense amount of work not only for herself but to coordinate with another individual. It requires trust of that person, that they would be able and willing to carry their share of the load. She had to judge the character of those she worked with and be willing to work with them. That is a skill that will always serve her well.

Shes fluent in Spanish. So fluent she has a boyfriend in Chile. A boyfriend she met over a 6 month study abroad trip. A boyfriend she can only talk to over the Internet when she isn't traveling. A boyfriend who can't speak English. I'd like to point out that:

1. She speaks Spanish well enough to keep up a relationship with someone who lives on a different continent. I can't speak English well enough to keep up a relationship with someone who lives down the street.

2. She is an amazing enough person that this guy is willing to date her over 4000 miles. To buy international plane tickets so they can visit. To consider moving to a new country so they can be together. It takes a pretty special girl to make a guy do that, and a pretty incredible guy to put in that effort.

I'm very proud of my sister and what she has accomplished. In her first year as an RA she used Dr. Seuss to motivate the girls on her floor. The slogan was:

"Oh the places you'll go!"

Now that she's done with school I can only say in excited to see the places she goes. Give'm hell sis.

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