My Daughters Favorite Dogs

For the longest time, my wife and I held out on buying a dog for the kids. Neither one of us a really dog people, and had very limited experience with owning dogs as kids. I never minded other peoples dogs, or at least I tolerated them. Why is it, that when your sitting in a room with a bunch of people, the dog always insists on getting attention from the one person who is not all that keen on dogs? It seemed to happen to me all the time. Anyway, eventually after a couple of years of persistence from our kids we caved in and bought them a shi-poo puppy. I must admit it's been a pretty good experience. It was good that we waited a few years, as the kids we're old enough to do the majority of the dog care chores. With a little reminding of course.

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Now, after having our dog for about three years, my daughters have been expressing interests in other dogs. It's not like they don't still love our dog, they just seem to have an attraction for other dogs as well. My oldest, has a thing for husky puppies. At least I think it's a husky, I always get those mixed up with the alaskan malamute dogs. There's one in our neighbourhood that's really caught her eye. We we're a little concerned for it the other day, as it's owner doesn't seem to be taking great care of it, but it is a very cute dog. My second daughter is really enjoying a labradoodle friends of ours recently bought. It's a nice looking dog with reddish brown hair, and very pointy teeth. It likes to chew just about anything and anyone. Just a puppy thing I guess.

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