5 Steps for Social Media Progression

It is important that business owners implement a social media plan. An effective social media plan will work cohesively with your current business marketing plan. If you are one of the marketers currently struggling to find value in your social media marketing, don't give up there is still hope.

1. Produce Your Own Original Content

Maintain a blog, YouTube channel, or Podcast. This is where you will connect with your audience.Your blog is the center of your online identity. That is where you should be updating your audience with content that is new, relevant, and compelling for your particular industry.

Building a following does not happen overnight but now is a great time to start. #TimbosTip

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Building a following does not happen overnight but now is a great time to start. #TimbosTip

There is a lot of competition and by producing your own original content will allow you to showcase what makes you different.

Be honest with yourself and stick to a schedule. I a lot of entrepreneurs say, I will blog 3 times a week but they never do because they have no time. Of course frequency is important but be realistic. It is better to publish one piece of consistent material a week vs. nothing at all.

No excuses, you make time for the things that are important!

2. Don't compare yourself to everybody else

You don't know what's going on behind the scenes of other brands. Yes, they may have a lot of followers but keep in mind, we all start at ZERO! I recommend focusing on creating a system that works for you and attracts your best client. Why are you in business? What problems do you solve? Why should anybody listen to you?

3. Move Fast But Stay Focused

Shiny object syndrome is a terrible condition. We have all been there. Everyday something new is being released that, will change the game!Dont fall for the hype. In the beginning stay true and focus on your current social media platform. The ability to resist shiny objects will be in your best interest. Once you have a strong foundation you can try all the shiny objects at your leisure.

4. Take Your Blinders Off

Your potential clients are online. You should be aware of your surroundings so you can see potential pain points and jump in with a solution.You should also use social media as a way to stay current in your industry on social media.

When you take your blinders off you will see what social platforms are effective in your marketing strategy. Dont try to be everywhere at once. Find the people that have a need for your products and services and direct all of your marketing efforts toward them.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage

Anything that you share should be engaging. Engagement is about connecting with the consumer in ways that we're not possible before social media.

You want to:

  • Make the customers feel special
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Be authentic
  • Help customers
  • Distribute across multiple channels
  • Ask audience to share

Set time aside to like, retweet, share, comment on other profiles in your industry.

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